Spring Cleaning for the New Year

With the inevitable end of 2015 I spent much of the 30th and 31st cleaning out my stuff. I ended up throwing out┬áa lot of stuff, so much that I started feeling a tad guilty for my consumption. The benefit has of course been a clean and tidy room with much more space┬áthan I imagined… Continue reading Spring Cleaning for the New Year

Building Habits: Noticing Tension

IΓÇÖve noticed that I can be rather uptight┬áand this expresses itself as tension in my physical body. And┬ásince I feel that tight muscles and shallow breathing donΓÇÖt really help me much, I decided to do something about it. It wasnΓÇÖt anything fancy, I set the alarm on my phone to ring 4 times a day.… Continue reading Building Habits: Noticing Tension