Stop punching that wall

Flaming Fist

There are things in my life that have made me angry. Like, really angry. And I want justice. I want to see the wrong-doer pay for their crimes. I want reparations.

Unfortunately that doesnΓÇÖt always happen in Life. But holding on to this sense of righteous indignation is like punching a wall of solid rock. I keep going at it hoping that it will finally crumble under my efforts but mostly whatΓÇÖs happening is that IΓÇÖm getting really tired.

Is this how I want to spend my energy?

I’m beginning to get tired of punching that wall. It has taken a while but I’m realizing that all this energy I’m expending could be put to better use. More than that, I realize there have always been other (more effective) ways to see justice done but I was just too chicken to go through with it. Deep down I know that had I gone down that road, it would have just been more energy spent towards something that doesn’t build the life I want for myself.

I suppose this is what they mean by ΓÇ£letting goΓÇ¥.

No doubt that moving forward from this, there will be some latent anger resurging every now and again. I will need to put in some energy to manage that. But I want most of my energy to go towards getting what I want in Life.