I Am

I Am

A Scorpio.

Born in the year of the (metal) Monkey.

DISC Profile: Compliance with some Submission. But in many social situations I can be Inducement.

Similarly, I consider myself an Introvert but can be Extroverted in social settings.

According to The Four Tendencies I am A Questioner.

ENFP (The Campaigner). Yes, I know Myers-Briggs Type Indicator isn’t very science-y but it’s still fun for discussion.

Blood Type A (A-Positive actually 🙂 )

Enneagram Type-9: The Peacemaker with a Type-1 wing (The Dreamer)

My Love Languages are Physical Touch (9), Quality Time (8), Acts of Service (6), Words of Affirmation (5), Receiving Gifts (2)