Last Updated: 20th November 2022.

This is a now page. Here’s what I’m up to:

  1. In line with my efforts to read more and varied material, I’ve started reading articles from The Smithsoniam Magazine, Nautilus, Atlas Obsucra and Farnam Street. It’s been fascinating so far but I’m already drowning in the sheer amount of things to read!
  2. YouTube recommendations are usually clearly out of left field but sometimes it will send gold my way. I’ve discovered some new Japan-based music this way. I’ve learned of Casiopea (listen to their live version of Galactic Funk), Tokyo Groove Jyoshi (get a feel for them with their 30-minute stream) and Tokyo Ska Paradise (watch them performing in a hotel room!) Additional mention to Blue Note Japan.
  3. Now that I’ve not so busy, I’ve started working on my script again!