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Woman with Jump Rope

Jumping back into Jump Rope

Exercising is such a cliché New Year’s Resolution that it may be hard to believe that it isn’t among mine for 2017. If anything, exercise was my 2015 New Year’s Resolution which, if you’ll allow a humble-brag, has gone quite well. Sure I’ve hit bumps and fallen into slumps but have[…]

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Why disorder, mess and chaos may be good for you

“In Praise Of Mess: Why Disorder May Be Good For Us” is Hidden Brain’s latest episode. I’m very far behind on my podcasts but I’m glad I caught this episode. In it, Shanker interviews Tim Harford about the subject of his latest book is entitled “Messy: How to be creative and resilient in[…]

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Run Cobian Backup when PC is in sleep mode

How do you run Cobian Backup when your PC is in sleep mode? It’s actually not that difficult. The TL;DR version is that we will be using Windows’ Task Scheduler to start the Cobian Backup task from the command line. For reference I am using Cobian Backup version (the latest and[…]

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Hidden Brain podcast by NPR

Featured Podcast: Hidden Brain

I have rediscovered podcasts which in turn has helped rebirth my love for the spoken word. It’s radio but better because I get to choose who and what I listen to. One man should not have such power… Anyway, I want to feature a few of the podcasts I’m currently listening to[…]

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Spring Cleaning for the New Year

With the inevitable end of 2015 I spent much of the 30th and 31st cleaning out my stuff. I ended up throwing out a lot of stuff, so much that I started feeling a tad guilty for my consumption. The benefit has of course been a clean and tidy room with[…]

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Building Habits: Noticing Tension

I’ve noticed that I can be rather uptight and this expresses itself as tension in my physical body. And since I feel that tight muscles and shallow breathing don’t really help me much, I decided to do something about it. It wasn’t anything fancy, I set the alarm on my phone to[…]

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