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Rob Bell; The RobCast

There is probably no figure more controversial in Christian circles today than Rob Bell. Here was a church pastor who had to step down from the church he founded because of a book he wrote. Some say he has turned his back on the faith but heΓÇÖd probably claim he embraced it to even greater depths.

In my opinion, Bell sees a side of life that his Evangelical background either is blind to, plays down or outright ignores. He is asking the tough questions that, although aren’t new, must be embraced and worked-out by a new generation of Christians (or perhaps by every generation of Christians). He won’t accept poor substitutes for answers and encourages his audience not to either. He’s a great communicator and leader tempered by fire. Where he is leading people to is left for you to decide.

The RobCast

Which brings us to the RobCast. Bell’s podcast is yet another way he reaches out to his audience. I’d read some of Rob Bell’s books and appreciated his work enough to download his podcast. And like his books, Rob has a unique way of unpacking religion, theology, creativity and life in such a way that it speaks to me. His more recent series of Wisdom has me kicking myself that I did’t listen to these episodes sooner.

If youΓÇÖre not already a fan of Rob Bell, his podcast will do nothing to change your mind. But if you are, well you probably didnΓÇÖt need me to tell you to download his podcast. If youΓÇÖre curious to hear what Rob Bell has to say now, I highly recommend the Wisdom series:

IΓÇÖm not even sure if he has finished with the Wisdom series. IΓÇÖm only on Part 4!