Respect my Privacy, please: When Apps are Crapp

Mobile Apps

A few years ago I downloaded a free calculator App that requested access to the Location Services (i.e. the GPS functionality on my phone). IΓÇÖm paranoid around my privacy so I thought that was really strange. But it doesn’t compare to how some apps are trying to invade my privacy by offering services they were not advertised or designed for.

Privacy: Don’t touch my calls!

Specifically I’m talking about apps that disrespect my privacy by wanting to access my contact list, messages and even phone calls. Recently I updated a document scanner app which latched on to my phone calls claiming to be “protecting me from scammers”. A document scanner app. This is a huge privacy risk. Another example, I downloaded an Interval timer for my jump rope exercises and it did the same thing. This is a good reminder to check the requested privileges when downloading or updating an app.

Look, IΓÇÖll concede that some apps make sense when they offer new services related to their main function. FacebookΓÇÖs Messenger app is a prime (albeit uncomfortable) example which can also handle your SMSΓÇÖs.


But a document scanner and interval trainer apps? These have nothing to do with my phone calls. Claiming to be there for my protection is rubbish. Unless you can prove otherwise youΓÇÖre either spying on my calls for your own gain or selling that information to a third-party. You donΓÇÖt give a damn about my privacy.

So no thank you 😤