Life is more than work

Children staring at sea shells

ItΓÇÖs Sunday and the end of the first week of 2017. Already my inbox is full. Just another day 🙂

But Sunday isn’t just another day for me. Last year I started taking my weekends seriously which means keeping work out of it. Some may call it “separating work from personal life to achieve work-life balance” but it has come to mean more than that. My weekends remind me that life isn’t solely about work.

Man on see saw with his work

I enjoy (most) of what I do. Heck, maintaining this blog could also be seen as an extension of my vocation as a website builder. And I’m all for enjoying one’s job so that “I don’t have to work a day in my life” but replace work with anything and you could easily find yourself enslaved to it.

My weekend is about reminding myself that life is so much more than whatever captures my attention for most of the week. Obsession is jealousy turned inwards, blinding your vision to everything else. The culprit is commonly work but could easily be exercise, video games, books, your family or even yourself.

This weekend I indulged in:

  • Reading at a caf├⌐,
  • Driving around hunting for a gym (I found a cheap one near my home!),
  • Chatting with a friend,
  • Mental exercises,
  • Writing,
  • Church,
  • Learning monologues.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m already feeling anxious about work tomorrow. There’s a project that’s moving slower than I would like, I want to rent out our house that’s been vacant for over a year, there’s an online lecture series I want to watch… But that’s all for tomorrow.