Of sickness and of health

For the first time in years I felt unwell enough to be called “sick”. In this state I can only function as a mattress warmer and stay in bed for most of the day. I ignored the lingering guilt by binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jumping back into Jump Rope

Exercising is such a clich├⌐ New YearΓÇÖs Resolution that it may be hard to believe┬áthat it isnΓÇÖt among mine for 2017. If anything, exercise was my 2015 New YearΓÇÖs Resolution which, if youΓÇÖll allow a humble-brag, has gone quite well. Sure IΓÇÖve hit bumps and fallen into slumps but have (so far) been able to… Continue reading Jumping back into Jump Rope