4 years on…

Well, it’s been a while.

Setting up this site was always meant to be a place for me to test out new web-development things in a WordPress eco-system. And we all know how much WordPress has changed lately from pushing Gutenberg to (finally) updating jQuery.

With this (soft) relaunch it’s out with the Classic Editor and in with the Block Editor. I replaced my previous theme with the default Twenty Twenty-One just to keep things more stable. A couple tweaks to keep the newer things at bay (*cough* REST API *cough* Application Passwords *cough) and we’re good to go.

Lifetime Accounts

In keeping with trying new things, this site was previously hosted on a service that offered a one-time-payment for a lifetime account. The price was right so I had to try it once. Unfortunately they did not survive the cPanel price hike and I actually lost my files and database.

But thank goodness for backups.

As of typing, this site is again hosted on a lifetime account but on a Managed WordPress service. So far it isn’t bad and has a few convenience features over a VPS but really nothing that has blown me away. But it’s still early days.