Finding Rejuvenation

Finding Rejuvenation

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A year ago I wrote about my search for rejuvenation, finding activities that leave me more filled than when I start them. Recently I’ve had some success experimenting with Guided Meditation tracks found on YouTube and they’ve really been helping me feel more energized and alert.

It really has been as simple as searching YouTube for Guided Relaxation Meditation and depending on the time available I’ll select a track anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes long. Thanks to content creators who are fighting for our eyes, you can search for “5 minute guided relaxation meditation” and be presented with a near-endless list for your listening pleasure. Pick any one and start your journey. It may take a while to find a few go-tos but that’s half the fun right there.

As much as possible, I lie down with a pillow under my head and under my knees. I close my eyes and listen to the meditation, allowing it to relax my body and slow my breathing. After a while I’ll be drifting in and out of consciousness; very rarely do I not sleep while listening to a guided meditation track. The best results I’ve gotten involve lying down listening to a 30-minute track but I’ve had good results sitting and listening to a 5-minute guided meditation.

Meditation: good for rejuvenating the brain and body

And the effects may be cumulative. I’ve found that even going a few days without listening to the guided meditations does not reduce me to a pile of sleepy bones. And keep in mind that while I do enjoy my tea I do not drink coffee.

I have to thank Kelly McGonigal and her book “The Willpower Instinct” for the push I needed to experiment with Guided Meditation. It reminded me of the value in regular meditation as well as the importance of allowing ourselves to recover between willpower bursts. Putting a pillow under my knees and using slowed-down breathing as a sign of rest were also taken from the book.